Goji Editor

Game editor and IDE for the rapid development of mobile and desktop games using the Marmalade SDK

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Goji Editor

What is the Goji Editor?

The Goji Editor is a game editor and IDE for Marmalade SDK game developers that helps you to make games faster and easier. It was developed to solve a number of problems:

  • Provide an easy to use environment for new Marmalade SDK C++ and Quick game developers
  • To provide a 2D game engine (AppEasy Core) out of the box for Marmalade SDK C++ game developers
  • To provide a single development environment where all tasks related to creating a game can be done using a single tool (game maker)
  • Simplify a variety of tasks such as adding extensions, modules, setting up deployment options and more (see here for more info)

The Goji Editor is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) that primarily helps you to quickly create and test game levels / app layouts ,write code / scripts and organise the lifetime of resources as well as test in real-time across different screen resolutions.

Goji's supports game development using AppEasy / IwGame Engine, Marmalade C++, and Marmalade Quick.

If you want a quick preview of the new Marmalade SDK integration features then go here

What does the Goji Editor look like?

Goji Editor Screenshot

Who is the Goji Editor for?

Goji has been designed primarily for Marmalade SDK designers and developers that create apps and games for mobile and desktop systems. However, Goji is flexible, supporting a huge canvas area and could be used in any capacity that involves organising and laying out graphical information spatially. Goji is also a great learning tool for students that are interested in learning the process of putting together apps and games in an environment where they can make changes and see the results of those changes very quickly.

What are Goji's features? 

  • Create and organise game levels / maps and app layouts into scenes and actors (sprites with brains)

  • Complete game and app creators integrated development environment (IDE)

  • Export to many different game and app engine / programming language formats, including AppEasy / IwGame Engine, Marmalade QuickJSON and XML 

  • Export in multi-resolution friendly format, allowing exported data to be used on any sized display

  • Assisted layout editing, including tools to enable easy layout / layout management, bookmarking, edge / vertex snapping, directional cloning and so on

  • Create and edit shapes, trace bitmaps to optimised shapes and split concave polygons to convex
  • Full drag and drop support, drop entire folders of resources onto Goji and Goji automatically sorts them all for you

  • Support for import of SVG, Texture Packer, audio and other formats

  • Support for physics including fixtures, joints and the ability to test physics

  • Definition of gaming logic and play using events and actions lists

  • Support for Lua / Javascript and other language editing, includes syntax highlighting, code folding and search / replace

  • Interactive play mode that launches the game using the built in engine or other engines, also shows coloured debug output

  • Create complete working / runnable game projects

  • Support for user properties

  • Mini Lua game engine with features such as docking, Box2D and none Box2D physics update, cameras, world extents, draggable objects, scene panning and more....
  • Build, run / test and deploy to all supported Marmalade SDK platforms (ARM, MIPS and x86)
  • Set Marmalade SDK project and application configuration settings via GUI based property settings dialog, including extensions  / modules, drag / drop icon / splash set up and much more


  • TexturePacker is a tool that is used to combine many images into a single image, usually referred to as a sprite / texture atlas. Packing images into a single image improves rendering performance.

  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format is an XML based format that is used to represent two dimensional vector art work. Goji imports the following tags svg (scene), g (layer), image (actor), rect (shape) and path (shape or geometry). SVG is used by packages such as Inkscape and Adobe illustrator

Future features

Features that are currently in development or will be available in the near future include:

  • Export for Web Marmalade

  • Support for animation creation using timelines

  • Support for video, web views, in-app purchase, ads and many more additional services

How do I download the Goji Editor?

At the moment the Goji Editor is in open beta and is free to use. To download the Goji Editor please register and sign in then click the download menu to be taken to the download area where you can download a beta copy of the Goji Editor.

Where do I download examples?

No examples are distributed with the editor, but you can download an archive of examples from here

The archive contains the following Marmalade SDK C++ examples:

  • Shapes - Shows how to draw shapes
  • Sprites - Shows how to draw sprites
  • Game - Mini game that shows how to use input, sprites and audio

The archive contains the following Marmalade Quick / AppEasy Core Lua examples:

  • Basic Physics - Shows how to set up a basic physical object in Goji
  • Geometry and Shapes - Shows how to use geometries to draw polygonal sprites and shapes to define polygonal physics shapes
  • Jumpy - Shows how to use physics, animation and touch input
  • Parallax Scrolling - Shows how to create a parallax scrolling effect using sprite depth
  • Ping Pong Game - A small ping pong game example
  • Swinging Barrel - Shows how to use physics joints to create a swinging barrel
  • Shuffle Match - A complete re-skinnable commercial game that is available on the app store and google play

You can see a video of a commercial games that was made with the Goji Editor here

What will I need to use the Goji Editor?

You do not need to install any additional development software to the use the Goji Editor, however, if you want to compile, test, run and deploy projects then you will need to install the Marmalade SDK which is available free from https://www.madewithmarmalade.com/ and any version of Visual Studio beyond 2008.

Will there be HTML5 support?

HTML5 support is available via Booty5 which is an HTML5 game maker that is closely related to the Goji Editor.